Discontinued Products I Love #2 “Tokidoki Lipgloss in Donutella”

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a happy weekend! 🙂 This is the second edition of discontinued products I love. First off, I love tokidoki. I have one of their wallets, lipgloss, eyeshadow, palette, brush set, 2 mint cases, and 3 rollerball perfumes. <<< Woah right? Haha, anyways onto the review!

This is a great gloss.  It was a Christmas gift. Before they were discontinued you could buy them at Sephora in a wide range of colours including orange, purple, pink, blue, and brown. First off, the packaging is super cute! It has a “snowglobe” cap with Tokidoki logo confetti and the character the lipgloss is named after inside it. (Mines Donutella!) And it is very modern, sleek packaging. The only sad thing is mine leaks when on it’s side but, I like the gloss! This lipgloss is a brown/ nude in the case but is pretty much clear with a slight tint. First when I unscrewed this gloss I noticed 2 things. 1) It has the coolest applicator (A Japanese applicator that is a plastic wand. Very good for applying, actually!) 2) It smells like blueberries of all things! YUM! So overall I love this lip gloss and even thought it’s hard to find, I hope you find a way to get your hands on it!

image image

Xo, The Cute Little Beauty Blogger❤


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