January Favourite: Polysporin Lip Health! (Review + Photos)

Hello BeautyLovers!

This is my very favorite lip balm. Lately my lips have been severely chapped/flaky/bumpy. This fixed all that! Before we discovered this I was using the Vaseline Lip Thereapy. Don’t get me wrong, I like Vaseline but it didn’t fix my lips, just put a layer over them. On the other hand, polysporin lip health put a layer on my lips while healing my lips and adding moisture! Right now I have three tubes one for my house, one for my purse, and one for my pencil case. The only con is this product is white. But I have discovered how to have your lips look good while wearing this. 1) Apply a light layer on upper lip and lower lip. 2) Go to a mirror 3) Rub the cream in. 4) Wipe off any cream that is around your lip. 5) Rub lips together. 6) Remove white spots on lip. 7) Put your finger in your mouth then pull it back out (This will prevent it from coming into your mouth.) Now, those instructions I gave you may seem like it takes forever. But, as an experienced user of this product it takes around 20-30 seconds!


Have you ever tried this product? Leave and comments, feedback, or questions below!

Xo, The Cute Little Beauty Blogger❤


One thought on “January Favourite: Polysporin Lip Health! (Review + Photos)

  1. totallytamryn says:

    Haven’t tried this before but will look out for in the drugstore! Winter really leaves my lips dry sometimes. Hmph!

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