Discontinued Products I Love #1 “Ultraflesh ShineBox”

Hi Beauties!!

Today I came up with the idea of doing a blog on discontinued products I love. The first edition is on the Ultraflesh ShineBox!

1) The UltraFlesh ShineBox

This is a product I adore. It has three layers one has a light peachy blush (called anyplace) which I use when I want shimmery peachy cheeks. The second layer has too highlighters. The first highlighter (called anywhere) is a more orangey-yellow tone while the other highlighter (called anytime) is a more pinky-blue highlight. Lately I’ve been using the orangey-yellow one because it seems to suit my skin tone better. Then, the final layer houses two eyeliners one is a nude shimmer (called nude shimmer) and the other is a shimmery white (called secret shimmer) I use both in my inner corner for that “awake” look. I have some swatches below!



Thanks for reading! Please leave feedback, questions or comments below!

Xo, The Cute Little Beauty Blogger❤


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